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Streamline Information Sharing with Canopy COLLECT.

Securely access and share essential supplier data to enhance decision-making.

*Yes really, just £99 a month. And it's designed for ease of use, so you can be up and running today.

01 / Share and collaborate on supplier profiles

Canopy COLLECT allows you to add multiple users at no additional cost, so colleagues across your business can easily access Vendor Master Records to find the information they need. Access permissions allow you to control who has edit and read-only capability.

Now, you have streamlined supplier data management by sharing information easily and securely.

Our team worked hard to make Canopy COLLECT easy to use, so you don't have to. Input your data, and be operational today.

*Cancel anytime during the free trial.

02 / Allow business users to access supplier data efficiently

Canopy COLLECT ensures everyone in your business has the supply chain at their fingertips, so they can find pre-approved suppliers without draining your time.

Now you can encourage repeat business from existing high-performing suppliers to reduce the volume of new supplier onboarding.

03 / Increase commercial opportunities

Canopy COLLECT’s customers have seen an improvement in revenue opportunities because Sales Teams can respond to tenders more quickly and accurately now that they have the supplier data at their fingertips.

Now you can empower business growth through advanced Supplier Data Management.

*Cancel anytime during the free trial. Canopy COLLECT is so easy to use, you can input your data and be operational today.

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