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Link contracts to the supplier’s master record, capturing key information

With Canopy COLLECT, contracts can be efficiently managed and monitored by linking them to the supplier's master record, ensuring immediate visibility for effective supplier data management.

01 / Access contractual terms for all suppliers quickly

Canopy COLLECT ensures you never lose a supplier contract again. The contract library means all contracts, from SOWs to MSAs, are securely stored within each Vendor Master Record.

Now, your team can quickly identify the contractual terms of a supplier and make informed decisions about selection and engagement.


02 / Never miss a renewal through efficient Contract Management

Don’t you hate it when you want to terminate a contract but miss the notice period? Canopy COLLECT automatically alerts you to all upcoming contract renewals, so contracts don’t roll on unknowingly, and you have time to make decisions before notice is due.

Now, with effective supplier information management, you can keep track of every contract in your business.

03 / Automate supplier termination 

When contracts end, Canopy COLLECT’s business rules ensure supplier availability is updated appropriately. Making the business aware when contracts expire helps you to limit out of contract spend.

Now you have automated supplier availability with seamless vendor data management.

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